What is the challenge exactly?

The See.4C EU project is defining a set of analytics tasks (the principal task being forecasting electricity grid traffic) and designing a specially tailored competition to benchmark advanced algorithms, within well defined computational constraints.

See.4C is funded by the European Commission under Horizon 2020.

Participants and teams will submit algorithms to be evaluated on an special cloud-based computational environment. Some of the data will be hidden from participants, as in previous competitions.


Using which methods?

That is up to you! We believe that a blend of forecasting and analysis in (normal) video and geo-spatial images forecasting energy data would get maximal community involvement and cross-disciplinary convergence/emergence. Stay tuned!


Horizon Prize announced!

EUR 2 million prize for a Big Data forecasting system that will enable more efficient use of energy resources and other sustainable outcomes.

ICLR workshop

ICLR workshop on video forecasting

See.4C Hackathon

See.4C Spatio-temporal Series Hackathon

NIPS workshop

NIPS workshop on ML for Spatiotemporal Forecasting